7 Amazing Diwali Gift Hampers to Send Love and Affection to Dear Ones!!

As we have entered into October, the one occasion for which everyone is waiting eagerly is Diwali. This is one such occasion on which everyone visits their loved ones and solves all the personal problems and grudges and unites to celebrate the festival together. And, to promote this togetherness, Diwali gift hampers will do the work more amazingly.

That is why; here top hampers for Diwali are listed that can be sent to dear ones to make the occasion more special. Have a look at the list:

1.Dry fruit gift hamper

Are you searching for some kind of gifting option that is not only tasty but also healthy? If yes, then sending your dear ones dry fruits as a gift on Diwali is an amazing option as it is also not so common gif option and is also away from all the adulterations. So, just grab some delicious and healthy dry fruits like resins, almonds, pistachios, and others and can take a step towards taking care of your dear ones.  You can go for a decorative box filled with dry fruits or a potli filled with dry fruits as the more creative your packing will, the more amazing your gift will look like.

2. Sweets gift hamper

Diwali is not only popular in India, but this festival has also gained popularity in foreign countries and that is only because Diwali is known as the festival of sweets. From handmade to packed ones, there are several ways in which sweets can be sent as a gift to the dear ones to wish them a very happy and prosperous Diwali. And, if you have to choose some most common and relevant to send to your dear ones as Diwali gift hampers, then there could be nothing as perfect as a huge box of delicious and lip-smacking sweets that will make the festival more amazing and happy.

3. Puja thali gift hamper

Diwali is all about worshipping and welcoming Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to your home to make your place blessed and full of happiness. This welcoming is followed by an Aarti to shower the blessings of God and Goddess on the family members to make the Diwali celebration prosperous. If you are the one who is searching for a special and unique Diwali gift option to make the celebration of your dear ones more amazing and happening, then you can choose to send them a beautiful and attractive Puja Thali with which they can not only decorate their temple but can also ginger up their worships. This gift will be a perfect blend of traditions and cultures. You can find a huge variety of Puja Thalis like brass puja thali, steel puja thali, wood puja thali, silver puja thali, and even gold plated puja thali.

4. Chocolate gift hamper

Chocolates are indeed one such amazing gift option that can be considered for gifting purpose to send to anyone on any occasion like birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and so on, and in this aisles of occasions and celebrations, Diwali is no behind as on this festive occasion as well, everyone sends each other delightful chocolate hampers to wish dear ones a very happy and sweet Diwali. Apart from the deliciousness, one more thing that makes chocolates an amazing option is that they can be considered as an aptest replacement for sweets. So, for someone who does not want to send market purchased sweets to anyone of this blissful occasion, then they can surely go for a beautifully decorated chocolate gift hamper to make bonds sweeter and happier on the occasion of Diwali.

5. Cake gift hamper

Are you the one who does not trust the market purchased sweets and does not want to send them to your dear ones? Need not be worried as we have some amazing options for you to go with and you have come across two of them i.e. dry fruits and chocolates. But, this is no it as we have one more for you and this is will be the best version of deliciousness and beauty. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about cakes. With the changing time and changing preference of everyone, cake cutting is now not limited to birthdays and anniversaries, but has made their way to festive occasions as well like Holi, Christmas and now, Diwali as well. And, to make this process a lot more exciting one, there are several options available for you to make choice. From chocolate to blueberry to strawberry; you can send any delicious cake to your dear ones and can wish them a very bright and amazing Diwali.

6. Plants gift hamper

You must be having plants at your home for decoration. They must be kept in the garden or the interiors matching the center table decoration. Right!! But, do you have any idea that plants are no more only a decorative piece but can be a measure to make the surrounding air purified and breathable? If not yet, then this is the right time for you to realize as plants are having amazing capabilities to remove the harmful chemicals and pollutants from the air and improve the quality of the air as well. Plants are also kept in the bedrooms so that they can calm the mind and can promote sound sleep. These green gold are also capable of improving the concentration power and hence, you must have seen them placed in the offices. So, now you know very well which will be the best Diwali gift. Yes, you can send a beautiful plant to your dear ones so that they can take steps towards healthy living.

7. Diwali décor gift items

Everyone wants to make their place look beautiful and a bit different as it used to look for the 360 days of the year, you can help your dear ones in doing so by gifting them some beautiful home décor items with which they can decorate their place and can make it festive ready.

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