JEE Study Plan for Beginners

One of the top exams in India is JEE. More than ten lakhs students apply for this exam, and five to seven lakhs students appear for this exam, But only 0.1 to 0.4 percent crack this exam. They are not highly brilliant students, but they use proper strategy and planning to crack this examination. So before you start your JEE preparation, be careful of some important things. Such as Proper strategy, syllabus, previous year’s paper analysis, and proper study plan to crack this examination.

Before you start jee preparation, you should be clear that in this examination, you have two opportunities, one is JEE main and JEE advance, but these are standard examinations. So the syllabus is almost the same, but some additional syllabus in JEE advance. So you can prepare for both examinations at the same time.

Here we are discussing some important points to keep in mind.

1- Study the proper syllabus

As a beginner, you must read the syllabus at least five to ten times. That will help you know the boundary of your preparation and focus on the proper topic, which is important for JEE exams.

2- Proper analysis of the previous year’s paper

As a beginner, you can measure your syllabus through the previous year’s question paper. And identify which topic is important or not and the core topic of this syllabus. Which helps you to focus on important topics demanded on this examination.

3- Clear all the concepts and basics

In JEE preparation, you must have deep knowledge of basic understanding of the concept of all the important topics. In addition, it will help you to generate your problem-solving ideas to an advanced level.

4- Practice more solving paper

Practice makes a man perfect. So practice as much as you can. Solve the previous year’s paper, Practice paper available in the market, different mock tests, and coaching Institute’s material you can try. Always keep in mind to stick to your syllabus. Sometimes materials are out of the syllabus and non-related to this exam. So be careful about it and be aware of it.

5- Proper guidance

You must follow proper guidance to crack this examination. Many options are now available in this digital world. You can try it through YouTube, Google, senior students in this field, and coachings. Couchings are not mandatory, so you can try all other options you have.

6- Consistency and perseverance

Consistency is the key everywhere. How you start in the beginning does not matter, but how much time you keep doing is what really matters for every successful person. So always keep trying to prepare yourself for this examination on a daily basis.

7- Positive Attitude

Another most important thing that needs to be in your JEE preparation is a positive mindset. Sometimes you face failure and sometimes not, but if you have a positive attitude and positive people around you, then all these things will be easy for you. Choose your surroundings wisely.

8- Process-oriented approach

Always believe in the process-oriented approach in this preparation journey. Take small steps every day and achieve them. That will help you give satisfaction all the time.

Our best wishes to all the students, and keep trying and keep hustling for your dream.

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