Blind (Since Birth) Drawing Challenge [w/ subs]

00:00:00 – In this video, I drew this. But what the heck is it?
00:00:05 – [swoosh] Who wants to draw again? I do. I do.
00:00:10 – I asked you over on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram what you wanted me to draw
00:00:14 – and this time you gave me some harder answers,
00:00:18 – so I have no idea how this is going to come out, but I think we're going to have fun. Well,
00:00:21 – you know what, we are going to have have fun. Oh, somebody asked for a
00:00:24 – stick figure of a human, okay. I'm going to assume that
00:00:27 – a stick figure is sort of just a stick version of a person.
00:00:30 – I'll try it. Okay, let's draw
00:00:33 – like the shoulder, okay…
00:00:36 – and then sort of the neckline. The plunging
00:00:39 – neckline. And then the shoulder back here, okay.
00:00:42 – Then we'll put one stick down here for an arm, okay…
00:00:45 – and then we'll come back over here and hopefully we hit it right.
00:00:49 – And we'll get one stick here for an arm, okay.
00:00:52 – Now, we'll make a bigger… like, the body
00:00:55 – will be a bigger stick I think. So kind of like this.
00:00:58 – Right? And then off it we can put the legs.
00:01:01 – One leg here. One leg here.
00:01:04 – Let's give you some hands there. So we'll just put a quick little hand on the
00:01:07 – bottom on that arm right there. We'll come over to this arm here.
00:01:10 – Hopefully that's the bottom. A little hand here.
00:01:13 – I should give you some fingers, right.
00:01:16 – And over here.
00:01:19 – Two, three, four, five. So just a little
00:01:22 – stick leg here. The foot on the bottom with the toes…
00:01:25 – two, three, four, five.
00:01:28 – And a leg over here. So we'll start from about here.
00:01:31 – Take it down. A little thing will cross for the feet.
00:01:34 – And one, two, three, four, five.
00:01:37 – Boy, that was a nice foot. Alright, and finally
00:01:40 – we'll put a little stick figure head on him.
00:01:43 – He's a big man…
00:01:46 – with a decent size head. A couple ears over here.
00:01:49 – An ear over here. Oh, a couple over there.
00:01:52 – Eyes… just little… basic.
00:01:55 – Nose.
00:01:58 – And a smiley mouth.
00:02:01 – I think we're alright.
00:02:04 – Let me show you.
00:02:07 – Hey, he's pretty good. I think he looks good.
00:02:10 – From here, from this angle right here he looks perfect to me.
00:02:13 – I think they're doing a new movie… Stick Figure Man.
00:02:16 – He's going to be like a new superhero. It's going to be like
00:02:19 – a new $100 million picture. Coming this June…
00:02:22 – Stick Figure Man. Watch out.
00:02:25 – He's going to stick it to the bad guys. Once and for all.
00:02:28 – Let's get this ready for the museum.
00:02:31 – How about another one? Let me draw something else for you now.
00:02:34 – Somebody asked for the New York City skyline.
00:02:37 – Okay, again, this is one of those things I've never actually touched.
00:02:40 – This will be weird. Alright, here's how we're
00:02:43 – going to do this. I'm going to draw what I imagine what it would look like.
00:02:46 – For a skyline. So you're just going to see
00:02:49 – the tops of things. You know, the rivers aren't in the sky so I don't have to worry
00:02:52 – about those. So, let's try it.
00:02:55 – Okay, so we'll just draw some things that sort of stick up
00:02:58 – in the sky like a top of a building here.
00:03:01 – Okay. This is Manhattan, right?
00:03:04 – So here's a building top there. That's like the Chrysler Building.
00:03:08 – Here is um…
00:03:11 – a little taller building. You see that? Oh, that's tall.
00:03:14 – And then there's Empire over here.
00:03:20 – Alright. Let's say it's at night.
00:03:23 – So maybe a moon. Okay.
00:03:26 – And it's like a half moon tonight.
00:03:29 – It looks nice, right? There's about half the moon.
00:03:32 – See, so you could see that above these buildings here.
00:03:35 – But when you get over towards the tall building.
00:03:38 – The big skyscraper. You can't see the moon because that's how high
00:03:41 – the building is. [laughs]
00:03:44 – Alright, you want to see? Let me show you.
00:03:47 – Beep, beep. “Hey, get out of my way!”
00:03:50 – “Hey, what's wrong with you?”
00:03:53 – That's my imitation of the New York City streets. And the fun thing
00:03:56 – about New York too is every time you go there you feel like
00:03:59 – you've seen it before in some movies and stuff, so I'm sure this looks very familiar to you.
00:04:03 – [music plays]
00:04:07 – Look, you could make a post card out of this and people would know
00:04:10 – exactly what it was. If the New York City State Bureau of Tourism wants a
00:04:13 – copy of this… forget it. You could never afford it.
00:04:16 – You have to raise taxes. [laughs]

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