10 Netflix Series Every College Student Needs To Watch This Semester

The pandemic is not getting over anytime soon and neither is our boredom. With your world trapped within your handsets, you have got a lot more than to just scroll through memes now and then. This is the time when you can consume all the amazing content available, without an iota of guilt, because, let’s just be honest, exams and studies are a long lost story now with this permanently surrounding uncertainty.

While Netflix might sound a bit too overrated for killing time, but with the right series in hand, you are not allowing yourself anything apart from serious binge-watching. Let us soar through the 10 Netflix Series Every College Student Needs To Watch This Semester.


This light-hearted rom-com series is set in New York and revolves around a bunch of amazing Police Officers in a fictional precinct – Nine-Nine. The lead characters Jake and Amy have mind-blowing chemistry. The show is crazy because you are not letting go of your waves of laughter. And the most beautiful part is, they have managed to touch every sensitive topic which is socially relevant, right from racism to homophobia! With 7 seasons streaming, the show is one of its kind.


A woman raised by a single mother and a single grandmother, wows to remain virgin till her marriage, but what happens when her gynaecologist artificially accidentally inseminates her?

This crazy roller coaster ride of Jane Gloriana Villanueva has a very unique feature of Latin American Literature – Magical Realism, but the creators have made it a point to not overdose it, yet somehow, characters are coming back from their grave. The show has certain big names like Britney Spears and Bruno Mars having a cameo. The fifth season was the finale, where everything fell into place, just like the fairytales and the telenovelas Jane obsessed about.


This series revolves around high school kids and their discoveries about their sexuality and the kinds of problems they come across during the teenage years. Otis, an insecure and anxious guy who might not be good in the lovemaking department is a well-read student when it comes to theories. The difference between what is read and how it is applicable is beautifully explored through the two streaming seasons.


This show spanning over ten seasons has not managed to find a competitor yet. It is next to impossible for you to wrap up the show without being a fan of all the characters, even the villains. You are bound to retain a lot of legal clauses, and you never know when it comes to rescuing! The mightiest weapon possessed by the lead actors Harvey Specter and Mike Ross is their ability to bluff with such a mind-blowing conviction. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Marke is an absolute treat to watch, and you are bound to cry when the finale episode ends.


This series is a creative visualisation of the real-life incidents that took place in Delhi,2012. The narrative side of the Police is explained during the horrendous crime of Nirbhaya Gangrape. Here the police stood tall with their AR-15 rifles, to restore peace and tranquility back to the people. Despite knowing the entire story, the show keeps you hooked until the very end.


What happens when the devil himself is out on earth living his best life? Well, the eternally doomed son of God himself is there to tell you all. One by one, all the family members from heaven and hell pay a visit to earth. And you too must pay a visit to have amazing adrenaline rushes.


By the order of Peaky Blinders! This phrase you’ll come across very frequently when you will stick yourself to this classic British Drama. The story talks about a gang in 19th Century Birmingham and their lifestyle. Cillian Murphy as the protagonist Thomas Shelby will steal your heart right from the very first episode.


This is a very sweet, realistic story of Dhruv and Kavya. You learn a new perspective about human relationships with each episode. The way these two love birds are attached and how circumstances separate them is what most people connect with.


Based on a book by Vikram Chandra, each episode of this show will leave you asking for more. It is filled with amazing details and facts, yet charms your eyes and heart to the core.


Ever heard of a city famous for crimes like Phishing and cyber frauds? Well, it exists in India and this show is based on that, the ease with which people commit the crime and the smoothness with which the common man falls in the trap is worth a watch.

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