5 Best Gifts for Men to Surprise Him on Birthday

When it comes to a surprise gift or party, girls rule the idea. Somehow, it is already understandable that just women like caring and lovable gestures, which involves surprising them with special gifts. However, it’s wonderful for you ladies to know that men too feel the butterflies when they are shown loving gestures, great gifts, and romance on the special events. Just like you, he might be waiting for a surprise gift on his special day. One of the best occasions to make him feel loved is his birthday. So, walk the extra mile for him this birthday to let him know how much you love him and care for him!

Here are the 5 best surprise gift ideas for men that will impress him to a great level!

1. Customized Car Keychain

Gift him something that has a personal touch to it. One of the best examples for such gift is the personalized car keychain. Wondering how a car keychain can be a good surprise gift? We are talking about a car keychain that is unusual due to its customization options. You can get it customized as per the model of his car; furthermore, it’s possible to get the car number engraved on it. This personalized number plate keychain is available at Etchcraft Emporium.

2. Balloons and photographs

You might have to do invest your time and go through his social media profiles like Facebook and Instagram to select some lovely pictures of his past memories. Once, you shortlisted the pictures, get them printed on polaroid card and punch on the middle spot at the top of each image. Use helium balloons to decorate the room and hang those punched pictures with the help of thread. Let his memories afloat within the four walls! And that’s all, you are ready with a perfect surprise gift on your boyfriend’s or husband’s birthday occasion.

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3. A Customized Gift Hamper

Put together a few personalized gifts with his photographs and name, and keep them exactly at the place which he usually checks after he wakes up. For instance, replace his coffee mug with your new personalized coffee mug, so when he begins his day with coffee, he will notice a changed mug. Likewise, you can put a photo frame on his side table once he falls asleep; when he will wake up in the morning, the very first thing he will notice is your surprise photo frame.

4. A Long Trip Together

Ask him to accompany you on a trip- either as short as a visiting a supermarket or on a long trip to a countryside spot. Make sure to play his beloved music track so he can enjoy it to the fullest. To make some additions, you can surprise him with a family or friend’s get-together; ask them to join at your destination as it’s a surprise for him. Surely, this surprise birthday gift idea with amaze your boyfriend and make him feel more loved.

5. Dedicate a Romantics Song to Him

Due to your hectic schedule, you both might not get enough quality time to spend with each other. Therefore, on this birthday of your boyfriend or husband, let your heart speak to his heart through a romantic song. Dedicating a lovely song will definitely make him blush and feel loved.


These 5 gifts make the best surprise for your man this birthday. If you’re choosing to room décor idea, make sure you get the most fabulous pictures of you both, pick the trending gifts such as a pair of cufflinks, a shaving kit, a watch, etc. to prepare an exciting gift hamper. If you’re planning a surprise trip then take him to his favourite place in your city and shortlist the most romantic track from his favourite music collection. Last but not least, car keychain is the versatile surprise gift idea that is unique and impressive.

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