5 Reasons to Get a Personal Loan on the MyFirst Partner App

The banking sector has gone through a lot of developments over the years. Among them, Internet banking has revolutionized the banking industry. This development has allowed banks to work efficiently and tend to all their customers’ needs. Moreover, it has improved accessibility and made the banking process less tedious and time consuming.

The introduction of a mobile banking app has further simplified the banking services. It enables you to do banking at your convenience, as well as earn money through helping to get a personal loan for salaried individualsby joining the IDFC FIRST Bank MyFirst Partner App.

Notable benefits of using MyFirst Partner App to avail personal loans

The major highlight of this app is the partnership program. By registering on the MyFirst Partner App, you will be able to get a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  1. Avail personal loans for all emergencies: With this app, you can avail small personal loans online for various reasons such as medical expenses, emergency cash requirements, marriages, etc. The MyFirstPartner App lets you apply for loans ranging fromRs. 20,000 to Rs. 4 lakhs.
  2. Earn money: This is the highlight of the partnership program. By registering yourself on the app, you will be able to help your family and friends get fast loans,and earn money for doing so. Moreover, the money will be credited to your account on the disbursal of the loan to the person you have referred to. The accumulated money will be paid to you every fifteen days.
  3. Paperless loans: The entire process of availing the loan is completely digital, and does not require you to take copies of any document. The application process is also very simple and can be completed with a few steps. Due to this reason, the processing time is faster, and the customer will be able to avail quick money loans.
  4. Easy to follow-up: While applying for a loan, the biggest problem that most people face is the follow up. They get confused when they get mostly vague answers for their questions. Moreover, the processing time is a way longer. While applying for a loan in the MyFirst Partner App, you can easily check the progress as and when required. All you have to do is to log into your account. Then tap on the “in progress” tab to check the details.
  5. Dedicated technical support: One of the most important aspects for companies to ensure customer satisfaction is to provide good customer service. That is why, the app has a dedicated team for technical support who can help you answer all your queries and solve all your technical issues. They also have a FAQs section that addresses the most common issues or queries that you may have.

These are some of the notable benefits to using the MyFirst Partner App for availing personal loans for salaried customers. There are also other benefits such as rewards, round-the-clock service, quick response and guidance. With the introduction of various technologies such as block-chain and other similar innovations, the banking industry has grown exponentially. Nevertheless, there is more to come in the future, which can be of a great help to both the banks, as well as their customers.

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