A Quick Guide to Finding the Best Vacuum Cleaner for You and Your Home

People always opt for convenience even for home cleaning devices, and vacuum cleaners are one of those. They provide an effective way for floor cleaning. Not only that, because they also help cleanse the air quality and lessen the risk of allergy flare-ups. Yearly, there are getting more and more enhancements with its design. So, you need to find the right vacuum for your home and your lifestyle. Read on below to see the list of the types of vacuum cleaners and their advantages and disadvantages.

Bagged or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Normally, vacuum cleaners store the gathered dust and dirt in a bag, which needs to be replaced regularly. So, one of the initial decisions you should make is whether to go with a bagged vacuum cleaner or the bagless one. Bagged vacuums can contain more than bagless ones. But the on-going cost of purchasing new bags is a significant disadvantage.

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Many people find bagless vacuums easy to use and much cheaper. However, storing dust and dirt in its compartment then emptying it out by hand into the household waste is not an ideal solution if there are people who have allergies in the house. It will also create a mess if you are not carefully emptying it.

Generally, the decision depends on your personal preference and lifestyle. There are good vacuum cleaners online that can provide you a high-quality level of suction on all varieties. Now, take a look at the list of primary types of vacuum cleaners available to buy.


Upright vacuum cleaners provide better suction on huge carpeted or covered areas. This type often has a greater capacity than cylinder models. It also works well in a household with more floor traffic. The brush bar on the floorhead can handle hairs stuck in the carpet, making it an excellent choice for pet-owners. Saying this, they are also heavier, difficult to move around corners, and cannot be used on stairs, so it may not be suitable for multi-story houses.


Barrel vacuum cleaners are structured with a small wheeled dust container to pull it behind you as you vacuum with the hose. This design gives you flexibility when it comes to moving around the house. Generally, this type of vacuum is the most lightweight vacuum cleaners, and their compact size makes them easy to keep and manage. But, this type doesn’t have the same carpet grooming tools on the floorhead, unlike with the upright type of vacuum cleaner.


This type is often called ‘stick’ or ‘broom’ vacuum cleaner because of its shape and light design. It works with a rechargeable battery. Cordless vacuums are suitable for small homes, or quick cleaning in areas like the kitchen. It is said to be the ideal vacuum cleaner for those who live in an apartment.


The handheld type is lightweight and doesn’t need a bag. It is useful for cleaning up spills and ‘mess-zones’. It is often found in commercial offices, as it best helps in cleaning particular rooms like offices or study rooms without the need for a bigger device or tool. This is only often used as a backup tool.


The latest technology has given rise to robot or automatic cleaners that you can program to clean a particular area and leave it to do on its own. The best one is designed with rubber guards and sensors that can detect obstacles to prevent collisions. It gives a high level of convenience but also comes with a higher price

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