Avoiding Plumbing Issues With Your Lawn and Garden Irrigation Systems

Importance of Lawn & Garden Irrigation

Keeping the grass green as well as the fruits in the veggies in the garden is no small task. Yet, it is important to see the best yields and keep that lawn looking great. Especially in dryer climates, there is no way around installing sprinkler systems to help get to this end. However, sprinkler systems, as helpful as they are, can sometimes be the culprit in causing huge plumbing issues that require professional plumbing repair. Staying informed and being proactive is the best way to maintain an excellent lawn and fruitful garden while avoiding the headache and expensive costs associated with damage to the home, system, or nearby structures.

Safe Sprinkler Systems

The first difference is the difference between automatic and manual systems. It is so easy to forget a manual system, and so automatic systems that turn on and off by themselves can sometimes be safer. Considering that gallons of water are being sprayed over the lawn or garden within minutes depending on the size of the yard and number of heads, adding this up over hours and hours can mean a small pond forming in the lawn or garden which can be ruinous to the plants but also damage the structures around it.  Meanwhile, there is no perfect automatic system–which can have some similar issues but without the owner of the property even knowing that the system was running. And so, researching to find a reliable automatic system is likely the best in avoiding unforeseen flooding.

Choosing the Right Sprinkler System

Depending on the lawn or garden type and the size of the area, one system might be right for another but wrong for another. Green and Vibrant’s 2020 article reminds the reader of the different types of sprinklers one can buy:


-Fixed Spray






Doing the research on each type and considering the budget that each necessitates is a good place to get started for any enthusiast.

Potential Plumbing Issues

Not only can a neglected sprinkler system too close to a property cause potential plumbing repairs, but a sprinkler system that is broken or leaking but not noticed can waste a lot of water! Monitoring the sprinkler system and making sure each nozzle and sprinkler head is working efficiently is important to getting the most out of the system itself. While there are simple and quick fixes just about anyone can handle as it pertains to their system Mr. Rooter Portland’s 2017 article reminds the reader that there are jobs that a plumber can be called for a plumbing repair as sometimes the best way to avoid big issues is by staying ahead of the small things.

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If a sprinkler isn’t spraying where it should, it doesn’t take a lot to go out and make an adjustment using just a hand or some simple tools. Meanwhile, if the entire system is leaking beneath the ground or is suffering at the hands of frigid temperatures, calling a professional for plumbing repair is likely the best direction to go in avoiding major plumbing issues without the correct equipment or knowledge.

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