Do You Think That Biometric Attendance System Could Increase The Employees Efficiency?

For majority of businesses, managing workforce and payroll eats upto 50% of the company’s total budget. And in current testing times where many companies are practicing pay cuts, keeping up and elevating employee productivity and accountability has become crucial. Attendance being the crucial part of every organization, companies invest a lot on maintaining attendance data of all the employees. The modern biometric system has replaced the traditional attendance systems with its savvy designs and accurate data.

What is a Biometric Attendance System?

Biometric attendance system is an employee time and attendance tracking system that records when the employee starts and stops working. This system is popular for its accuracy of data and fancy design as it tracks data by using the biometric credentials of the employee like fingerprints, iris, face and voice.

Apart from calculating the working hours the latest biometric attendance tracking systems also tracks number of breaks taken, type of work done, quantity of assignments completed, this proves to be useful for tracking productivity of employees working in office premises as well as ones that are working from home.

Biometric identification excludes the traditional manual methods of keeping attendance data and calculating payroll, which is not just time consuming but also involves errors. A biometric attendance system is error-free, easy-to-install, user-friendly and accurate. Hence majority of the companies nowadays opt for biometric attendance system to increase workforce efficiency, productivity and labour management.

Wondering how does a biometric attendance system help in increasing employee efficiency? Read further to know the impact of biometric systems on employee productivity.

1. Stops Time Theft – When an organisation appoints an employee, it is expected that the hired person is accountable. But the productivity cannot be tracked merely by tracking attendance as a person can come and leave the office on time but show how to monitor employees working from home , hardly any productivity and this is called time theft. This can happen due to various reasons like taking smoke breaks every hour, taking long lunch and tea breaks, scrolling through social media during working hours, etc. The biometric time and attendance systems track both assignments done in a day and time taken to complete it and hence increases employee’s efficiency.

2. Increased Punctuality Due to Accurate Data – Biometric attendance systems are not just accurate with the data it tracks but also keeps it extremely secured. This in-turn increases punctuality in employees.

3. Eliminates Proxy Attendance – Because biometric attendance systems work on unique biometric signature of employees like fingerprints, face, etc. It is impossible to do fraud or practice proxy attendance. This means no one except the person himself can clock-in or clock-out on his/her behalf.

4. Increased Productivity – Employees feel motivated when their work is noticed. Biometric time and attendance system tracks working hours, punctuality and productivity of each employee and thus push them to give their best.

Along with solving the attendance tracking issue, biometric attendance systems are cost effective as well. Also, it eases the process of payroll and leave tracking that too consuming no time. Considering all these points biometric attendance system has become the must-have for every organization.

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