Explore Decorative Veneer Trends

Planning your home décor in India isn’t easy. You need to consider various aspects, from the weather and temperature to matching the taste and style of your home and the safety of each member of your family. While most people pay attention to the type and look of the material, the trends to match your home lifestyle often get overlooked.

Most top veneer brands have a solution for every space, be it a home office, residential or commercial building, restaurant, retail outlet, or even your home. It is widely preferred by builders and architects as veneer adds a level of sophistication and goes well with any type of décor. High-grade wood veneer not only adds elegance to your space but it saves you both time and maintenance efforts. Veneer is lightweight, easy to install, simple to clean and maintain, and it comes with a good warranty and is durable in all types of weather.

Individuals with busy schedules and limited time, get their ideas from interior decoration magazines which are product-oriented and not trend-oriented. The modern trend is all about being sustainable, cost-effective, and creating a unique space using products that are long-lasting and elegant. Veneers are a cost-effective home décor solution and complement Indian weather conditions and lifestyle factors as well. They create attractive surfaces, are resistant to daily wear and tear, and can be maintained easily, this allows them to retain their look for several years.

Here are some reasons why veneers make excellent trends:

  • Durable and strong

Veneer sheets are preferred by homeowners over other materials because of their certain features – they are temperature resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, durable, moisture and scratch-resistant, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain and clean. You don’t need to change it for many years and replacing it is quite easy.

  • Unlimited design options

From getting printed on to colourful artwork and more, decorative veneers are available in a number of designs and prints to complement every style and preference. There have been several innovations in the industry, offering veneers with endless designs, textures, and colors to create a unique décor style while still being high-quality and affordable.

  • Can be used for multiple purposes

Owing to their durable and highly resistant nature, veneers can be adorned for a variety of appliances like kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, stairs, headboards, closets, and also as a backdrop on walls, floors, and more. They come in bold patterns, natural colours, and graphics to make an ideal style statement. Naturally crafted from wood, they also come in deep earthy patterns that will create a cosy space for you and your guests.

The Takeaway

Take a break from your mundane lifestyle and explore decorative veneer trends. These beautiful veneers from reliable and trusted brands are high quality, vibrant, and can transform the usual and plain appearance of your space into something eye-catching and sophisticated. When going in for decorative and trending veneer styles, always do your research beforehand and pick a trusted manufacturer who deals in different types of decorative surfaces, ensure that you let the supplier know what exactly you want and if you want to revamp your personal space.

The brand will not only help you find the perfect veneer match for your living, dining, bedroom, or kitchen space but will deliver it and help you to install the same. Decorative veneers have become quite popular and are widely used by homeowners, builders, and architects for different types of commercial, residential, and home spaces. They last for several years, are easy to replace, and take no time and effort in installation. Above all, these veneers are easy on the pocket, making them highly sought-after.

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