Eyeliner Tips for Hooded Eyes

When your upper eyelid droops down over the eye crease and covers the eyelid, it creates a “hooded” appearance that makes the eye appear smaller and makes applying eyeliner very difficult.

With such a struggle, achieving a flawless winged eyeliner look can seem impossible! However, with the right technique, it’s achievable every time.

This article will help you explore the tips and tricks to make your eyes look stunning. It will help you understand some of the best eyeliner tips for hooded eyes, including choosing the right type of eyeliner, applying it in a way that flatters your eye shape and creating the perfect winged eyeliner look.

10 Best Eyeliner Tips for Hooded Eyes

With the right tips, you can make your hooded eyes broader and bigger. Tightlining your upper waterline, focusing on the outer corner, using gel eyeliner for wings, and avoiding the lower lid are some techniques that can be used. But there are more!

1. Find your ideal eyeliner

It starts with finding the perfect eyeliner that works for you and speeds up the application process. Consider how you’ll use it and the look you want to achieve. An eyeliner pencil may be best for the lash line.

Try using a creamy black eyeliner pencil and a thin eyeliner brush to control the amount of product and shape of your eyeliner.

2. Try oil-bottling sheets

Preparing your eyelids properly before applying any makeup or primer is essential. To prevent any transfer, use oil-blotting sheets.

Blotting your eyelids with oil-blotting sheets can help keep moisture on the skin from affecting your liner. Additionally, you may dust a layer of translucent powder over your lids to prevent transfer throughout the day.

3. Keep your eyes open and look straight ahead when applying

This way, you can easily see where the folds are and avoid smudging or losing your eyeliner. Sketch out the wings with your eyes open, then close your eyes to finish the liner.

4. Focus on the outer corner

To enhance hooded eyes, focus on the outer corner and apply eyeliner or dark-coloured eye shadow there. This will make the eyes look wider and bigger, creating the illusion of liner on the entire lid.

To conserve lid space, apply eyeliner to the upper waterline or tightline with a waterproof pencil liner, making lashes look thicker and fuller.

5. Keep the wings lighter

Rather than relying on an eyeliner pencil, consider using a precise angled eyeliner brush to shape your wing. Applying eyeliner to the outer corner of your eyes can create a lifted and alert appearance.

To achieve a natural yet defined look, use black eyeliner along the entire upper lash line, keeping the line thin and elongated. This technique will allow the liner to be noticeable while still appearing effortless.

6. Try to use eyeliner glue or tape

Following the entire process can be exhausting, especially in a hurry. For such situations, consider using eyelid tape or glue. This quick fix will open your eyes without spending too much time on makeup techniques.

Using glue or tape, you can create a temporary new crease that will make your lids more visible. This way, you can easily do your makeup as you please.

7. Don’t forget to use a primer

To ensure your eyeshadow and eyeliner last all day, it’s essential to use a primer before applying your eye makeup. It provides lasting benefits and prevents the makeup from creasing and ensures it lasts longer.

8. Maintain the thickness

Slowly increase the size of your liner as you draw it to enhance your lifted look. Start with a thin line on the first two-thirds eyelid, then add thickness as you move towards the outer corner. Finally, end with an upward flick to help lift the eyes.

Remember, the thickest lines draw the most attention, so it’s crucial to make sure the liner is thicker on the outer part of the eye for a lifted look. If the liner is thickest at the centre of the eye, it will create a more rounded effect than the desired lifted look.

So, keep this in mind and adjust the thickness of your eyeliner accordingly for an ideal appearance.

9. Try unique colours

Don’t be afraid to try and experiment with different colours when it comes to eyeliner. While black is a timeless classic, experimenting with shades like forest green or navy blue can bring out the natural colour of your eyes. If you’re feeling bold, try adding a touch of glamour with metallic gold or bronze.

10. Experiment with lashes

Please don’t neglect your lashes, as they can make a big difference in making your eyes stand out. Curl them with an eyelash curler and apply a few coats of volumizing mascara. You could also opt for individual false lashes, specifically placed on the outer corners of your eye for extra oomph.

Easy Application Process

Please follow these three steps to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes.

  • Prepare your eyelids by blotting them with oil-blotting sheets and priming them with foundation or concealer. Finally, set them with powder.
  • Choose a smudge-proof eyeliner that you are comfortable with.
  • Draw the winged eyeliner using a thin, small, diagonal and slightly curved line.

Your hooded eyes are now all set to look wide and attractive!


Eye lining hooded eyes can be challenging, but with the proper techniques and products, you can create a bold and dramatic look that enhances your natural beauty.

Remember to experiment with different formulas and styles to find what works best for you. With a little bit of practice and patience, you can master the art and slay the day with your stunning eye makeup.

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