Features And Benefits Of The Dockyard Management Platform

Does your dock facility deal with hundreds of inbound and outbound shipments every day and does it stress you out? Then you should invest in a dockyard management platform. Our dock scheduling software integrated with our yard management system can be used in various facilities ranging from warehouses, factories, fulfillment centers, distribution centers, airlines cross-docks to track and record the movement of shipments and schedule loading/unloading of goods.

How will your Business Benefit by Using a Dockyard Management platform?

If you have hundreds of trucks entering and leaving your yard on a single day, imagine the amount of manual work involved in checking the schedule of each truck, assigning the truck to a dock, and scheduling workers to load/unload the shipment. This one software takes care of all these tasks and more. It increases visibility, reducing the need for doing a daily yard check. The software allows you to approve dock bookings, allocate docks to trucks, track carrier movement, reducing manual effort for all these tasks.

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As all the data is available in the system, it reduces the need for spotters to move around the yard or mangers to personally check every dock, reducing human movement in the yard, thereby improving safety. Theyardmanagement software also enhances security as it lets you keep track of all the trucks that enter and leave the facility.

The factors that affect the velocity of your dock

Several docks in your yard, Number of laborers to load or unload products, Average time required to load/unload the trucks and Availability of equipment for loading/unloading or moving goods. The software considers all the above features and other customized options to help you schedule the process.

Features of Dock Management System

  • Online dock appointment scheduling of inbound and outbound shipment. Stage wise TAT capture for controlling demurrage and reducing quarrels.
  • Central Dashboard for a quick real-time overview of all locations. Real-time updates on the status of the shipment through SMS/email to the supply chain partner.
  • Approval for dock appointment booking and approval for un-scheduled visits.
  • Historical data, daily / weekly / monthly reports, and annual visits.
  • Compliance tracking for on-time and late pickup and drops.
  • Track trucks and trailers entering and leaving the yard.
  • Track loading and unloading time for better scheduling.
  • A cloud-based infrastructure that enables seamless operations across different geographical locations and time zones. Customized and configurable feature additions / deletion and report fields additions / deletion.

The dockyard management platformcreates a common platform that brings together the vendor (supplier), transporter (carrier), and the warehouse manager (owner).

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It is specifically designed to help operators more effectively manage the movement of trailers and the associated inventory. Real-time visibility into trailer content and locations within the yard enables organizations to quickly identify and access stock on hand, thereby reducing inventory requirements to save costs and improve efficiencies. With Descartes Yard Management, coordinators can plan and track trailer positions, arrivals, and departures across distributed or centralized yards, as well as record trailer status, moves, inspections, and security seal changes.

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