How to play Fantasy Football

Football as a game has evolved at a considerable level in a country like India. The country is referred to as the sleeping agent in world Football. Of late, the introduction of ISL has scripted a new chapter as far as the popularity of the game is concerned. Be it the best fantasy football league app; there is something that the game has to offer. To play a fantasy game, you need to have 11 players as part of your team. You also have to manage your team within the given gems. PlayerzPot is a platform that would allow you to play these games, and the total value of the players has to be less than 1000 gems. You can go on to create a team of 11 players who go on to compete against each other.

Scoring pattern

Let us start with the bonus. If a player makes an attempt of 3 on target, then only 1 point will be awarded. If they have 4 shots on target, then 2 points would be given.2 fouls committed would mean -1, and even if they do 3 fouls, it would be -1. Otherwise, it could be rounded off to the lowest value- 1. The attempt of the user should be able to round off to full points.

Clean sheet

If you do not consider a goal during a game, you are given a clean sheet. Suppose if a player has been substituted, then points would be deducted by the goals that are conceded by his team.

Yellow or red cards

If a player goes on receive 2 yellow cards, he would be awarded -2 and for one red card -4. So total it might accumulate to -8. On the other hand, if a player receives a red card, then they would be penalized by the goals that they consider. As far as the red card deductions are concerned for yellow card points are deduced.


They are given to the players who help to score goals. In a way, before the goal is scored, the person who makes the final pass. You can term assist as something that occurs at an intentional or UN intended level. On the other hand, if an opposing player touches the ball before a goal is scored, which alters the definition of the asset, then no points are given.

Now, in a site like PlayerzPot, assists are calculated with the help of additional statistics that normally differs from other sites. For example, some of them are not going to show one if a player has won a penalty. For clarity, any points won during a game are valid to be changed within 5 hours after the game is over. The best fantasy football sites for money take a view of this fact as serious money is involved. Once you update it, no further adjustments would be made in that regard.

Own goal

Be it at an intended or not on purpose of intention if a player scores a goal in his net, it is an own goal

Free kicks along with penalties

Suppose a player earns a free kick or a penalty, then they are not handed any points.

Fair player

If a player does not earn any red or yellow card during a game, they would be awarded points.

Extra time

In the event of 30 minutes added after the course of a game for a result to emerge, the points would be awarded to the team in that regular match.

Winning bonus

This is provided to the team who seem to be in an actual winning team


In the case of a tie, no points would be dished out to any team


Suppose a match enters into penalties, then no points would be given to any goals via penalty. The same logic holds valid in case of any goals saved by penalty as well. Apart from this, no negative points are given out to the players.

Passing accuracy

The moment passing accuracy during a game is more than 60%, then you do provide points to the player. But one of the conditions here is that the player needs to have completed 15 passes.

For blocks or clearance points are given to all the players

If you are playing 60 minutes or above, then points are dished out for the same. On the other hand, if a team goes on to concede more than 3 goals during a game, then -3 points would be awarded to the players who emerge as substitutes during the game.


PlayerzPot has come out with once in a lifetime offer during the Republic day. This offer is valid during a lifetime. Some of the silent features of this offer are as follows-

For a deposit of Rs 25,000, you would avail a cashback of the same amount

For a deposit of Rs 10,000 cashback would be Rs 7000

For 5000 it would be 3000

For 500 it would be 250

Now, this is subject to fulfilling certain conditions-

A user needs to deposit this amount of money during the offer period

Be aware of the timings when the promotional offer is expected to be running

During the deposit alone cashback would be given during the period of an offer

The cashback would be added to the wallet of an individual. To cash in on the benefit, the exact amount would be added

During the above period, cashback can be availed a couple of times. For example, if a user pays Rs 500 and avails cashback of Rs 250, then he can go on to claim the offer once again

Once the amount is paid, the amount would be credited to the account of a player within 48 hours.

To sum it up, these are some of the benefits you can expect to be part of a fantasy football league. The benefits are immense for you to ignore, to be honest, as the future holds good.

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