Looking For Low-Priced Internet Bundles? We Got You!

So, you’re saying that your savings account hasn’t been fulfilling its purpose? Bills! Is that where your money is going? Well, we can’t say much about your electricity and water bills, but we can help you save a good amount on your internet bill each month. Excited? Wait until you’re done reading the rest of this piece.

You may have heard that standalone internet and TV plans are cheap and come without any hassles. However, bundles outshine standalone services. Based on where you reside, bundles can unlock a plethora of TV channels, internet speeds up to 1000 Mbps, and a phone that keeps you in touch with friends and family living locally or abroad.

But, wait a second. Aren’t bundles slightly more expensive? Well, there may be a few expensive bundles out there, but not the ones that we’re about to mention.

Low-Priced Internet Bundles for Your Household

Charter Spectrum Triple Play Silver

Spectrum brings you TV, Internet, and Phone, along with dozens of perks. Let’s start with Spectrum TV Silver. This one brings you 175+ TV channels from various genres and thousands of On Demand titles. There’s Spectrum Internet with 200 Mbps download speed, free equipment, and a security suite. This bundle is completed with Spectrum Voice that offers unlimited nationwide calling and 25+ handy features.

AT&T DIRECTV + Internet 100

Pretty sure you’ll find this one in your area because if there’s one thing that AT&T truly wins at is availability. This A&T bundle is a Double Play and it packs AT&T TV Entertainment and AT&T Internet 100. AT&T TV Entertainment comes with more than 65 TV channels, including a limited-time subscription to premium networks. You can find every TV channel of every genre here. Plus, there’s AT&T Internet 100 that keeps your gaming, streaming, and browsing alive with 100 Mbps of download speed.

MetroNet 200/200 Mbps + Preferred Fiber TV

The best thing about MetroNet is the tremendous flexibility it offers. You can choose your favorite internet and TV plan, and combine it into a bundle that fits your budget like a glove. MetroNet delivers internet and TV over a 100% pure Fiber Optic network. This superior quality network lets you experience symmetrical download and upload speeds.

In this bundle, you get Metronet 200/200 Mbps internet (priced at $49.95/mo.) which makes every online activity a breeze for more than 3 devices. Moreover, with MetronetPreferred Fiber TV (priced at $105/mo.), you can enjoy 295+ TV channels of various genres. You can even add MetroNet Fiber Phone 100 (priced at $4.95/mo.) to the plan if you want. The best part? You can always downgrade or upgrade to a different MetroNet internet plan whenever you want.

Mediacom Xtream Triple Play

Another Fiber contender on our list is Mediacom Xtream. This bundle comes with Mediacom Xtreme Internet 300, Variety TV, and Phone. Starting with Mediacom Internet 100 that’s delivered over a pure Fiber-Optic network, you get 300 Mbps download speed and 99.9% reliability. Plus, with Variety TV, you get 170+ TV channels with various genres and the incredible TiVo Search & Guide that makes searching for your favorite content hassle-free. All of this is topped off with a phone that keeps you connected with affordable local and long-distance calling.

Summing It Up

Bundles are convenient. The aforementioned ones are just a few of what you can find out there. Use your area ZIP code and search for the top providers in your area. Who knows, you might be able to grab amazing discounts on bundles where you reside.

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