Maharashtra –paradise for romantic getaways

Maharashtra is truly a paradise for romantic getaways as it offers everything that every newly married couple requires. Ranging from hill stations to bustling urban life, from historical monuments to vast beaches, undoubetedly Maharashtra has it all, and that is the reason it is considered as a perfect destination for a perfect honeymoon. The romantic weather as well as beautiful landscape of many places in Maharashtra will perfectly compliment your romantic mood. You can visit the beautiful tourist attractions with your better half andcan enjoy quality time too with Maharashtra honeymoon packages available. Below we have listed some places which are must visit on your honeymoon:

Hill stations

1. Lonavala

Lonavala is perfect honeymoon destination for people who are seeking for the nature and adventure with loved ones. There are many valleys and caves to explore here including Karla Caves , Bhaja Caves, Bushi Dam, and Lonavala Lake. Lonavala houses  famous Celebrity wax museum and Della Amusement park. The place also offers  trekking trails to hot air balloon rides over the scenic valleys .

2. Khandala

Khandala is a beautiful  hill station in Maharashtra and is counted  among the most popular place for loving honeymoon. This beautiful place has  lush green valleys, the floating clouds along with  the flora which makes it  the perfect backdrop for a romantic honeymoon.  Couples here not only get stunning natural beauty, but will also get the surroundings to pack in some bonding experiences with your new partner. Couples can enjoy the trekking to Tiger Leap or Shooting Point to watch the sunset.

3. Matheran

Matheran is one of the best honeymoon destinations around Mumbai where you can visit by choosing best  India Honeymoon & Romantic Packages. The place is recognized as  the  complete escape from the city. There is a list of attractions that it offers counting Echo Point which  provides a good view of the Sahyadri mountain range, as well as Panorama Point where you can get a 360-degree view of the Western Ghats. The destination is a peaceful hill station and is one of the few places where vehicles are restricted andthat offertourists clean air.

4. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a well known lush hill station that has many things to offer including stunning views of the plains and sloping peaks of the Western Ghats. The place is also known as Queen of Hill Stations owing to its lovely  the weather and natural beauty and which make this place the perfect  place  to enjoy honeymoon.  For couples who love architecture, they can visit  Mount Malcolm,  Morarji Castle, Pratapgarh Fort as well as Arthur’s Seat. There are many other major attractions like  the Mapro Garden which is close to Mahabaleshwar. Do not miss to visit the annual Strawberry Festival which sees scores of visitors. Here you can purchase  a range of fruit, jams, syrups and more.

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5. Bhandardara

Bhandardara is a beautiful hill town with the major attractions  as the  largest and oldest dam in the country known as Bhandardara Dam.  Couples can also visit Kalsubai temple at the top of mount Kalsubai to seek blessings  . The place also has  many forts in and around the town, amid the  scenic views which are  glorious during sunrise or sunset.

6. Amboli

Amboli is a serene and calm place in Maharashtra rich in flora and fauna adorning the beauty. The best view here is  of the impromptu waterfalls emerging from the top of the mountain.Couples can enjoy trekking as well as  bird watching . other major attractions include  Mahadevgad valley, Parikshit point , Shirgaonkar point, and Amboli sunset point. The place is considered as the  rainy paradise is best honeymoon destination in Maharashtra for couples who loves  rains.

7. Malshej Ghat

Maleshej Ghat is a beautiful  hill station in Pune and is best destination for couples  who are adventure lovers . the terrain of the place is suitable for trekking as well as  hiking, and which make it one of the most beautiful places in Maharashtra for honeymoon. Book your trip to Maharashtra by browsing various honeymoon packages  which best suited for you.

8. Chikhaldara

The place is  popular peaceful honeymoon that rejuvenates your soul and body. The destination is famous  for its coffee plantations, rich biodiversity as well as intoxicating natural beauty. There are many  majorattractions  like  Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary, Wan Sanctuary, Melghat Tiger Reserve and Gugamal National Park especially for wildlife lovers. Couples can enjoy exciting rides into the forest to witness the many rarewildanimals .other major attractions includeGawilgarh fort, Bhimkund, Bir lake, Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens , Narnala Fort, as well as  Tribal Museum.

9. Panchgani

Panchagani is a place which will for sure make your honeymoon a memorable one as   it is all surrounded by lush green forests and scenic valleys.  Couple will not only enjoy  the natural beauty of the place but also can indulge in trekking or hiking.  Couples can also visit many attractions that displaythe  culture and architecture like old Parsi and British bungalows, Rajpuri Caves and Pratapgad Fort.There are also a number of places that  offer outdoor camping options also.

10. Kamshet

Kamshet is  said to be an  ideal honeymoon spot for newly married couples  surrounded by the Western Ghats. The place offers the best of relaxation and leisure. Couples can enjoy many  thrilling activities in the midst of beautiful landscape such as paragliding , parasailing, water parks as well as  temple tours. There are many other major attractionsthat  include Tikona Fort and Pawna Lake which should not be missed.

Beach paradises

11. Tarkarli

Tarkali is a beautiful beach town in the Konkan coast and is popular for its white sand beaches as well as  turquoise blue sea water. Couples should visit Tarkarli for your romantic loving honeymoon .You should also not miss the sunrise and sunset with your loved one as its enthralling to see the reflections in the clean sea water.

12. Alibaug

Alibaug is the perfect honeymoon destination  for a convenient and relaxing honeymoon spot that is close to the city. The place   is an option worth considering and is a  mere boat ride away from the main city. This is a  coastal town filled with  romance, owing to its beautiful beaches as well as  tourist spots . There are many major attractions that should not be missed including  Alibaug Beach, Hanuman Temple , Kolaba Fort, as well as  Kanakeshwar Forest. Couples should not miss  the sunset on the beach  which one of the most beautiful views .

13. Kashid beach

Kashid is the beautiful white sand beach on the Konkan coast. The town issurrounded by high green mountains, Blue seas and lush agricultural fields. The best part that makes your honeymoon more romantic is watching the beach from hill tops .couples  should not miss a visit to  Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary which is considered as a  hidden gem that offers  the untouched calmness of nature.

Historical places and vibrant cities

14. Aurangabad 

Aurangabad is the heritage city of Maharashtra that delights with its greenery and historic monuments. Newly married couples can indulge in a romantic getaway to the Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary as well as  Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary, for the  scenery and wildlife. The place also offers many  theme parks as well as  markets too . So visit this beautiful honeymoon place in Maharashtra, by booking you trip by choosingcheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India.

15. Pune

Pune is one of the most vibrant cities of Maharashtra and can be reached through pleasant drive from Mumbai. The place is mostpreferred place to visit as it offers a range of activities along with leisure spots for newlywed couples. There are many historical attractions in Pune which should not be missed like  Pataleshwar rock-cut temple, the David Synagogue and Raj Dinkar Kelkar Museum . also you should visit the famous ashram of Rajneesh also known as  Osho Ashram .the best part is the number of fun eateries and coffee shops in Pune .

16. Nashik

Nashik is a well known city  also called as Grape City or the Wine Capital. The place is perfect destination  to enjoy honeymoon and you can reach here by choosing one of the best  honeymoon tour packages in India. the city is a romantic and fun honeymoon destination which offers relaxing wine tasting tours at Sula Vineyards . couples can also enjoy many other  wine-related activities including  grape stomping as well as  vineyard excursions. Newly married couples can enjoy watching the sunrise atop Harihar Fort too.

The state of Maharashtra has many things to  offer thus make a plan to make your honeymoon a perfect and memorable trip. There are many honeymoon tour packages in India  available thus hurry to grab its offers with both hands and enjoy its offerings to the fullest. The above listed places in Maharashtrawill for sure make your honeymoon a perfect retreat.  For sure from popular tourist spots counting  Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala on one hand to less explored places like Daman and Lavasa on the other, couples will surely  find their  romantic moments here.

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