Massage Chair Guide: Kahuna Massage Chairs and Other Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chairs

In the past few years, the technology of massage chairs has been a common feature in resorts, spas, and at home, revolutionizing hospitality with its advantages in relaxation.

Massage chairs provide the comfort of massages any time the user desires. They are also equipped with diverse features to improve users’ health.

However, recently this Zero Gravity Feature has become popular for health and relaxation. The phrase Zero Gravity in massage chairs is derived from the effortless gravity experience. The massage chair slowly reclines to ease the strain in the lower back and disperse the weight, lowering blood pressure and enhancing circulation.

Improved circulation and posture can result in better cell nutrition and oxygenation to aid the body in recovering energy levels and replenishing tissue.

Kahuna Massage Chairs belongs to a high-quality Japanese massage chair brand that enhances the experience by incorporating various features compatible with The Zero Gravity system.

This article will serve as an explanation of what is it that makes the Kahuna Massage Chairs collection different in comparison to other zero gravity massage chairs.

Kahuna Massage Chair LM 7000

As with most massage chairs, this Kahuna LM7000 comes with the latest automated rollers that massage your back, neck, shoulders as well as the lumbar region, right to the base of the glutes.

Additionally, what is so special about this massage chair is its three levels that provide Zero Gravity. The body relieves tension from the back area when it is retracted further. Once the massage chair is at the third degree, the entire body weight is distributed. In turn, it lowers blood pressure and improves the spine’s posture since the L-track follows the spine’s natural curve.

Three degrees of Zero Gravity enables the user to experience a variety of massage programs at different angles for maximum comfort. The pre-installed programs include Yoga, Renew, Relaxation Recover, Deep Tissue, etc. Furthermore, the sophisticated automated rollers allow for exact knead, tap roll, and other methods.

Kahuna Kappa Massage Chair

Massage chairs come in various dimensions for massages. 2D rollers provide massages that go from left and right, up and down, and 3D rollers like in Osaki Maxim 3D LE massage chair for sale provide depth, indicating how strongly the pressure is exerted. But, massage chairs such as the Kahuna Kappa massage chair include 4D rollers using time being the fourth dimension that allows you to control the speed. Together with the Zero Gravity feature, this allows the user to experience the experience of a massage.

A body in a reclined position, paired with a 4-dimensional massage, increases the experience of users using the massage chair. Furthermore, the 4D rollers allow zero-gravity, making it worthwhile for the user, whether in a spa, resort, or home. The additional dimension of massage can provide the best quality rest and relaxation.

Kahuna 4D SM9300 Massage Chair

Massage chairs are constructed with track rollers. The tracks allow the rollers to roll along the spine’s natural curve to provide a full massage.

S-tracks, also called sinusoidal tracks, massage the neck’s bottom, shoulders, and back.

The L-track extends further by covering shoulders, neck glutes, back, and the bottom of the hamstrings. This lets the user experience a whole-body experience.

But, massage chairs such as those of the Kahuna 4DSM9300 Massage Chair enhance the track with HSL-track technology which allows the rollers to have specified and precise rollers to increase the pleasure of massage.

Furthermore, apart from the sophisticated HSL-track system, it also comes with adjustable airbags that conform to the body’s silhouette and cover your arms in acupressure points that grasp the extremities and activate the nerves.

In addition to the HSL-track technology, This massage chair also increases the zero-gravity effect by offering users leg rests with an adjustment that can be extended to match their height. 

The Kahuna 4D massage chair SM9300 offers flexible adjustments to provide a zero-gravity sensation.

Kahuna LM 6800 Massage Chair

It is important to note that massage chairs are evaluated to provide positive health effects in addition to relaxation. Massage chairs relax tight muscles, improve circulation, adjust posture, and increase the range of movement.

Massage chairs such as those of the Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 can enhance the benefits of massage as they are equipped with a heating feature. The essence of heat therapy is that it is sometimes referred to as thermotherapy stimulates tissues through heat, which results in dilation of veins and releases of analgesic hormones within the nerves.

Feel the warm comfort of a massage while in a reclined position with zero gravity, while heated pads on the lumbar region and leg rest work the muscles effortlessly.


Kahuna Massage chair collection levels up the zero-gravity experience with numerous additional features that support it. The massage chairs highlight the attractiveness and advantages of zero gravity that eases back tension and distributes the body’s weight to decrease blood pressure and adjust posture.

It’s easy to find out which massage chairs feature zero-gravity features like the Osaki OS 4D Pro Maestro massage chair; however, it requires a bit more effort to locate the ideal model that meets the user’s needs. 

Its Kahuna Massage Chairs collection provides the ideal range of massage chairs that will allow you to offer the complete and refined advantages of relaxation by offering the most advanced zero-gravity experience. Visit the nearest massage chair showroom near you to get a better deal for these amazing massage chairs.

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