Pallet Solutions for Expanding Your Warehouse

Warehousing goods, particularly perishable ones, is always problematic. Fortunately, you can purchase three styles of pallet racks Houston. All you have to do is choose which style is right for you but, if you have an existing warehouse with a pallet system already in place, it can be difficult to expand or replace racks. This is where teardrop racking comes into play.

What is the Teardrop Racking System?

Teardrop racking is not new. It derives its name from the shape of the holes in the horizontal supports. They use weight and friction to keep the rack shelves securely in place. Essentially the more weight you add, the sturdier the joints become.

Advantages of Teardrop Racking

Aside from the fact that they are extremely sturdy, they have another serious advantage. Pallet racking companies and users can assemble and disassemble them quickly and easily. This is particularly beneficial when you need to rearrange your storage to maximize existing warehouse space.

They provide very secure and reliable storage despite the ease at which they can be adjusted. Warehouses have been using this design for at least 50 years. You can adjust one shelf to fit only small items and a larger one below it to fit larger items. It does not force you into just one shelf height or width.

Teardrop racks are completely customizable, meaning they fit right into existing racking systems. You can use them with selective, drive-in, push-back and conveyer types of pallet storage.

These racks are more cost-effective than many other styles. They offer a very robust system for less money than many other systems with the same advantages.

Disadvantages of Teardrop Racking

There is one major disadvantage to this system. Like clothing sizes and lumber, the measurements for teardrop racking might vary from company to company. Unlike clothing, you cannot adjust the beam size unless you are prepared to break out the blowtorch and risk structural integrity. Something described as a 64-inch beam might be a 63 1/2-inch beam.

This is not to say they won’t fit with other systems. You just have to either order teardrop racks from the same company or make sure you measure the beams yourself before purchasing. If they are off even as much as 1/4 of an inch, you could be in trouble.

Overall, teardrop racks are an affordable solution to expanding your warehouse. If you need more vertical storage or want storage you can customize to your product size then these racks are the way to go.

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