Possibility of CBD Oil and Overdose – Here Is the Truth for You

CBD or also known as cannabidiol is actually the plant extract. It is extracted from the plants belonging to the plant strain Cannabis sativa. One of the many extracts of cannabis plants that have made quite a name in the world of plant extracts is marijuana. Hence, people normally think that CBD oil will also cause a sense of addiction in users like marijuana.

CBD Oil and Addiction

CBD component is present in marijuana as well, and we all know that marijuana can cause addiction in users. It is not a true statement that CBD oil can cause an addiction in users, even though it is extracted from the same source like marijuana. This is because of another component in the cannabis plants known as THC.

THC is the actual component that is the main source of offering a high in the marijuana users. CBD oil will not contain any percentage of THC in it, and hence there are no chances of possible addiction from CBD oil usage.

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CBD and Overdose

Overdose, or simply known as OD, is a condition where a person takes excessive doses of any drug supplement. The quantity will be more than they can withstand and this normally results with causing dangerous effects on the body and sometimes even death of the person.

Overdosing in CBD intake is not at all registered anywhere. Studies have shown that a person can take up to 1500mg of CBD and yet escapes from the chances of overdosing. CBD will not even cause any side effects in the users. This is because of the reason that the target receptors of CBD are not found anywhere near the brain cells and overdosing or even experiencing any negative effects are not at all possible in the intake of CBD oil.

CBD and Side Effects

CBD oil, when taken alone, will not cause any negative impact on the body. However, if you follow the CBD cycle while on other medications, then there are the chances of you suffering from some side effects such as fatigue, diarrhea, change in the appetite, and so on. The best way to escape from all these issues is by consulting your physician before starting the CBD cycle.

When is CBD Too Much?

The best part of taking CBD oil is that there are no possible chances of overdosing. However, the term “too much” is used when you consume more than 1500mg of CBD oil per day. Even though you will not experience any dangerous or noticeable side effects from CBD oil high intake, you will surely experience sleepiness and would love to take a few hours’ nap.

The terms “CBD oil” and “overdose” or “addiction” will not sit well with one another. The best way to experience the complete uses of CBD is by taking help from your physician.

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