Powerful skills which can make you a successful trader

If you are a participant in the currency trading market, then you must dream of becoming a successful trader at some point in your career which we consider is a good thing. If you have the ambition of becoming a successful trader then you need to educate yourself on some topics before you trade. You must already know by now that the most basic aspect of this platform is technical analysis. Technical analysis is like oxygen to traders. Unless you have the technical knowledge, you cannot survive here for a single moment. That’s how important technical analysis is in this field.

And if you are an amateur trader, then it is high time that you learn to analyse the market to become successful. We always say if you want to grasp the market, read the market. There are several aspects to consider to become a good trader but broadly, it is mostly all about reading charts and trendlines.

So, without any further ado, let’s move forward to the most important part; the inevitable parts of options trading to consider while trading.

Read the candlestick chart

As we have stated before, currency trading is all about reading the charts. So that means without knowing how to read the charts, you cannot take a single step here. Reading charts is the language of trading as they show the volatility of the market. Visit the site of Saxo and download the SaxoTrader platform. Open a demo account and learn the basics of the chart.

Some of the most used price charts in the currency market are Candlestick chart, bar chart and line chart. While all the charts have their distinct features, the candlestick chart is the most popular one and widely used by the traders since its emancipation in Japan in the late !9th century.

The candlestick chart shows the opening and closing price as well as the high and low lines of the currency. As a result, the traders get to know how much the value has fallen or risen after opening and what was the end call. The most distinct feature of this chart is in the clarity of the information it shows by using different coloured candles to denote increase and decrease in value.

As it is quite simple, it is not much hard to master this chart.


The trendlines are one of the most important factors considered in the field of trading. Trendlines enable traders to know whether the trend is going up, down or sideways. We all know that a trend never stays constant. It always faces breakthrough at some point and moves in a different direction.

Tracking these movement help the traders to predict the duration of a trend and the estimated time of its movement. By following that, traders can come up with important decisions regarding their investment.

Research, research and research

The foundation of your trading career is your research. Whether your trading foundation is strong or not, it all depends on the quality of your research. Without knowing how things worked in the past and how traders dealt with them, you will not be able to face future problems. In trading, history always repeats itself. So, even if a trend is gone, it may come suddenly. And during that time, if you remain unaware of how it worked in the past, you will fail to make the best out of that trend. Also, keep an eye on how other traders deal with their work. This will help you to come with better analysis and strategies to apply to your trades.

Keep a record of your work

Always remember to note down your plans and outcomes in form of a journal. It doesn’t matter whether you made a mistake or won a big deal. Noting them down would help you to point out the reason behind your failure or success. In case of mistakes, you can try to find ways to solve and learn from them. These evaluations are very promising to help you in your future trades.

Avoid complexity while trading and try to be as minimalistic as possible. However, the most important for a trader is to remain optimistic and motivated no matter what the situation is. This would play a key role in achieving your dream.

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