Top 5 Types of Painting to Spruce-Up your Home Décor

Are you looking to give your home interior a makeover? In case you’re planning it, you should primarily concentrate on adding some beauty to the walls of every room of your home. When it comes to beautifying the walls, you have tons of options. From quirky texture paints to fun wallpapers and paintings, you can go for anything you like. However, there is one thing that never gets off track in home décor- that’s paintings. Yes, paintings are the pieces of artwork that we are seeing for ages.

Whether you have conventional taste or modern preferences, you will find the right painting for your home. Choosing the right painting for the rooms of your sweet home will not just make it look beautiful but also output a positive and powerful impact on the viewers.

Today, we have accommodated the top 5 paintings to spruce up your home décor instantly. These are the best-rated and most purchased types of paintings in the market. We’re sure you will also admire them!

Types of paintings for Home Décor

1. Abstract Painting 

Abstract paintings grab the first spot on our list. The reason is their versatility. Abstract paintings are the ones that are related to movement, energy, and liveliness. They represent a radical thought in the form of art. The focus of artists is more on visual factors like colors, texture, size, and shape.

Whether your home features a medieval look, contemporary style, or combination décor, abstract paintings can truly make it stunning. If you have a monochrome look inside the home, go for a colorful abstract painting to add a pop of color. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to add too many colors to the interior, you can simply go bold and set a statement with black-and-white abstract paintings. There are thousands of ways in which you can style an abstract painting to spice up your interior’s look!

2. Floral Paintings

If you want to resemble love, affection, and comfort inside your home, floral paintings are just for you. There can be nothing better than flowers to symbolize beauty in any space. The purpose of a floral painting is just to make all the viewers in your home happy and comfortable.

They make a perfect home décor item, irrespective of the interior theme and style. There is a wide variety of flowers; you can find the paintings of your favorite flowers to revamp the look of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even restroom. You can include the floral artworks in a single piece or a gallery style to accentuate the walls.

3. Nature Paintings 

If you have a nature-loving personality, nature paintings are the best for your interior décor. They will add instant spice to your home while resembling your love for nature. These paintings are also famous as landscape artworks owing to the representation of natural elements like trees, mountains, rivers, aquatic life, etc.

The nature paintings are so attractive and interesting that viewers can’t resist uttering “wow” on looking at them. Such paintings simply make everyone realize that we live in a beautiful world and we’re blessed with exceptional natural beauty.

4. Buddha Paintings

The paintings of Lord Buddha are considered auspicious for the home interior as they bring fortune and prosperity to the space. Buddha paintings are one such artwork that is used in many countries like China, Hong Kong, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

The best spot to decorate your interior with a Buddha painting is at the entryway of your home. Yes, there’s a reason for it- whenever anyone enters your residence, he/she should get positive vibes. This type of painting will serve a dual purpose i.e. spirituality and home décor at the same time.

5. Pattachitra Paintings

The names of all the above paintings are self-explanatory. However, Pattachitra painting are a different type of artwork for home décor. Pattachitra paintings are done on a unique canvas. The process includes the usage of cotton sarees, tamarind paste, and clay powder. These paintings look so rich and intricate that anyone can become a fan of them in no time. When you will get these paintings for your home décor, you’ll surely receive a lot of compliments from the onlookers.


Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter has rightly said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off the souls.” This quote is 100% true as paintings and artwork have transformative powers to switch our moods in seconds. The beauty of paintings generates positive vibes that are enough to enhance the sense of human well-being. That’s why they deserve a space in your home.

Let us know which type of paintings in this list attracts you the most and which one would you like to add to your home interior.

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