Top PG Courses in Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University is one of the leading universities in India with quality education, great opportunities and industry-relevant programmes. The University has a NAAC accreditation and A+ grade. Established in 2012, the University offers unique and niche graduate and postgraduate programmes from different sectors and fields to provide a competitive advantage and practical skills to their students. The University also provides scholarship options to students. The courses accept both Indian and International students.

The University has one of the best-designed courses from various fields. Some of the best postgraduate Chandigarh University courses are:

1. Masters of Science – Data Science

Data Science is one of the most sought after fields today. Data is being used by almost every successful business, and the need for data science experts has increased tremendously over the last decade. The Masters in Data Science course offered by Chandigarh University comprises various practical elements of data science and provides you with in-depth knowledge about the field. Upon graduation, you can work with leading companies as a data scientist, data analyst, business analyst etc.

Programme Duration: 2 Years

2. Masters of Arts – Performing Arts

Performing Arts like singing, dancing, acting etc., are getting popular all over the world. Chandigarh University provides a dedicated programme towards developing your performing arts skills and helping you find opportunities within the field. Even though performing arts are talent-based careers, it is important to hone those talents and learn to develop yourself to have a bright career. This Master’s degree is curated just for that. This course is unique and is not available in many universities in India yet.

Programme Duration: 2 Years

3. Master of Science – Animation and Multimedia Technology

The Design industry has grown tremendously over the years. Every business today is focusing on their design and are creating a visual appeal for their audiences. Thus, design and multimedia technology are in-demand skills in the current economy. The course is practical and focuses on teaching a wide variety of skills to its students. The course provides hands-on training on tools like Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Max, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Z-Brush, Corel Draw and Fusion. The programme also offers electives in 3D Animation, VFX, Advertising and Documentary Film Making for students to choose from according to their interests.

Programme Duration: 2 Years

4. Masters of Law (LL.M)

Masters of Law is designed for aspiring lawyers to develop their legal skills and specialise in law. A master’s degree helps provide an in-depth understanding of the legal field and helps legal professionals develop the required skills for a successful legal practice. Through the Masters in Law programme, you can also progress towards academia and research. Hence, the opportunities in this course are endless.

Programme Duration: 1 Year

5. Master of Arts – Journalism and Mass Communication

Masters of Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the Top 10 courses in Journalism in Punjab. It offers hands-on experience in research, fieldwork and real-time media assignments. The course is multi-disciplinary, allowing students to understand various subjects and have a holistic understanding of the subject.

Programme Duration: 2 years.

Perks of Studying from Chandigarh University are:

  1. Global Exposure, through international students
  2. Learning from Industry Experts
  3. Availability of Scholarships
  4. Fascinating Campus Life
  5. Access to various extracurricular activities

Studying at Chandigarh University for a postgraduate programme will provide you with industry-level practical skills, career opportunities and a fun learning experience. Explore all the various courses offered by the University and choose the one best suitable for you.

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