What Should You Do With Your Vacant Home?

So you’re moving out and now you’re leaving what used to be your home. You’ve already packed your stuff, your efficient removalists in Western Sydney offered by Bill Removalists Sydney are on the way, and you can’t wait to start a new life in a new home. While your new place might be looking pristine and ready to welcome you in, your old place might not have its new owners or renters yet. Since it doesn’t always work out that your move out day is also their move-in schedule, you need to make a few preparations and plan out what’s next for your old home.

The number one priority here is security, and you would want the place to be safe until the new owners are able to do so by themselves. So, what should you do after leaving a vacant home? Here are several tips to help you sort things out.

Let Utilities Run

Although it doesn’t seem practical to continue paying the utility costs on your previous home, it does have its benefits. Leaving a vacant home without heat, especially in colder areas, might end up with bursting pipes and other problems. So, to ensure the safety of the home, consider keeping your utilities running.

Got Existing Security Systems? Keep Them Running

If you’ve already installed a few security systems in your old home, leave it. You may discuss with the new owners if they want to continue paying for it or just agree that they can terminate the plan once they move in and install their own systems.

Or Place Some Dummy Cameras

If you didn’t have security systems before, consider installing some dummy cameras at least a few weeks before you move out. While they won’t offer you the same protection that real ones would, these will at least scare off potential criminals.

Schedule Regular Surveillance

If you or the new owners live near the area, plan out a regularly scheduled surveillance at least every other day or so. If you have friends or family living nearby, ask if they can pass by the home every now and then. Having someone you trust like trusted removalists in Neutral Bay checking the place personally can at least give you, and the new owners, some peace of mind before they move in.

Avoid Leaving The House In Darkness

If you don’t want to waste electricity, choose lights with a timer switch, or a solar one. The important thing is to show off that the home is lived in, which means that at nighttime,

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the lights should be turned on. Dark homes and other properties are often a chance for crime, so lighting a vacant home is extremely ideal.

Final Word

Leaving your old place vacant could usually cause a potential danger, which is why considering these tips above will at least give you better chances of maintaining a safe and well-maintained home. Make sure to have a mutual agreement with the new owners of your home so that things go smoothly until it’s time they move in.

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