5 Ways a Personal Loan for Travel can Help You Go Places

Tourism has added a great deal to the Indian GDP. Many citizens have turned to pursue their fantasies of touring the globe. The improved per capita earnings and simple financial choices available have helped them. You can take a travel loan for travel purposes like you take an education loan and gold loan. A form of personal loan is also something which sounds eligible in such a case. 

How to request a travel loan?

You should apply for a travel loan. Nowadays, most banks and NBFCs have online travel loan application facilities.

  1. Visit the bank or NBFC’s official website and fill out your form. You have to fill in your personal & business information in the application form.
  2. Pick the sum and tenure of the loan.
  3. For authentication and confirmation, you need to submit your papers.
  4. You may collect the balance.
  5. You can call the consumer care department of the bank/lender if any help is necessary about the loan application phase.

Here you will understand how a personal loan for travel helps you:

This loan covers almost everything:

This loan not covers your ticket prices but also covers all the expenses related to travel for, e.g. Hotel charges, food, tickets for visiting certain places. So if you are thinking of visiting your dream destination, you can take a personal loan for travel. 

Interest Rates & Other Charges:

You must compare the interest rates online on the bank’s website. There can be other charges, consider them. Travel loans are cheaper than credit cards, as a travel loan, with repayment choices of up to 60 months. You can receive up to Rs.25 lakh. It’s necessary, though, to have an understanding of the travel expenses. It is preferable to hold the maturity period of the loan shorter. 

Instant Approval:

Yes, it can happen within minutes—the money credits in your account within 24hrs. After the validation of the documents, your loan can get approval. You can even call the bank and get virtual help.

Works better than Credit Cards:

First of all, you don’t have to activate your card for an international journey. It comes with a cheaper rate of interest. In Credit cards, you may have to make bigger payments.

When you are taking a loan, you no need to get worried about repaying it. Thus, you may choose a tenure that usually varies from 12 to 60 months for a versatile debt repayment policy. You can repay the loan sum according to your ease and financial ability.

Fewer documents required:

Why do individuals choose a loan for travel? Because it has minimal paperwork. With only a few papers, such as proof of identification, address, and job, you can use a travel loan.

Not having all their paperwork handy is one more error that applicants make. Here’s a helpful checklist of all the paperwork you need for a personal loan before applying:

  • Application form with photograph
  • Passport/ PAN card/ Voter card
  • Address proof
  • Income statement
  • Bank statement


We can see the benefits of a Personal Loan for Travel. It is cheaper than credit cards. You can apply even through an online medium. You need to compare the rates online before applying. You need to fill the application; first, your loan can get approval in 24 hours. No need to get worried about repaying it, Choose a tenure of your preference.

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