How to choose airline

In 2019, 4.6 billion people traveled by plane, a new world record! In fact it is an increase of 130% more than in 2004! But which of the hundreds of airlines is the best in the world? How has the offer of services changed between yesterday and today? We see it together, considering that there are companies that offer particular services within airports, such as Airport Shuttle.

What to evaluate

Here’s what you need to consider when deciding to rely on an airline


Invest your time in patient and thorough research.

Do not stop at the first offer: in addition to the price, also consider the times that are proposed to you, if there are stopovers and the hours of waiting at the airport.


Never too early when prices are standard. Never too late when places are running out and fares are soaring.

The air ticket must be purchased two or three months before departure.


Not on weekends, better try on a Tuesday or Wednesday. And always in the afternoon. It is more likely to catch the deal: some researchers who have studied the algorithms of the sites say so.


You can start by consulting search engines, such as Skyscanner, to get an idea of prices, flights and companies operating on the route; then you can check it on the official websites of the companies.


Watch out for your luggage. The rules on the weight and size of suitcases are very strict on low cost flights. Once at the airport, those who have not complied with the parameters have to pay very high extras.

Bring only the necessary

You have to be very careful what you click. There is a risk of purchasing unwanted services: priority boarding, special seats, insurance, car rental, hotel and more.


Some online travel agencies offer affordable prices, but then force you to manage and pay for some basic services directly to the airline, such as check-in, seat selection, or baggage. If you use a credit card, watch out for fees.

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