Can You Purchase Pure and Real CBD Oil from Amazon?

Ever since the internet and technology became a number one necessity, people found ways to make their lives easier, aside from food and water. Before, we would go to malls and shops just to buy something that we need. If ever we wanted to have something that isn’t sold in our area, we would ask a friend or a relative to purchase it for us if they ever go to a place where it is sold. Now, we could easily visit the internet, go to, and scan the website for things that we want to buy. Amazon is a very convenient online retail shop, and it seems like everything we want could be found here.

But like everything else, there’s always an exception. One of these is CBD Oil. Let’s take a look at why you won’t find an Amazon CBD oil.

The Main Reason Why CBD Oil Is not Available on Amazon

We know that CBD oil has many benefits. It can relieve stress and anxiety, ease chronic pain, and slowly help individuals suffering from conditions like seizures. But even if it has tons of health benefits, Amazon will not sell CBD oil due to one big reason, and that’s because it is considered a Schedule I controlled substance due to it being derived from a cannabis plant. In reality, hemp is a different kind of cannabis plant that is not psychoactive. So it will not make the user high, but it will give all the benefits for overall wellness.

Even if CBD won’t get you high, it’s still a part of the cannabis family. And Amazon is saving itself from breaking federal law.

Hemp Oil Extract on Amazon Online Stores

Since Hemp Oil is allowed on Amazon, some of these companies would take advantage and sell CBD oil under the radar and disguise it as hemp oil. That’s the only way for you to get CBD oil from Amazon. But the problems you will encounter are that you aren’t sure if the product you are getting is pure CBD oil or a fake. Aside from that, these are most probably not regulated. So, the risk is yours to take.

Purchasing CBD Oil from a Reputable Company

Just because CBD oil isn’t available on Amazon doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. As mentioned above, the internet and technology have come a long way. That means many companies have websites where you can easily purchase CBD oil without any problems. But you have to make sure that you are buying from a legal and safe company since there are many scammers out there taking advantage of this popular product. One of these companies is called Joy Organics.

Joy Organics sell CBD oil that has compounds that strengthen its overall potency. They also have third-party lab testers that will check if the CBD oil has any THC trace in it. Each batch they make is thoroughly checked by professionals to ensure that there is no detectable trace of THC.

Once you are comfortable and have checked its legitimacy, you can place your first order with them. You will only get a product made of premium hemp.

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