The Glories and Pitfalls of Lido Learning

Each and everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, it comes with Lido learning too. Undoubtedly, in this era where people love the technology’s benefits, there are some disadvantages to that also. And we need to focus on both sides to deliver the best education system to our children.

Lido learning has been in practice for the last few years, and we have seen the rapid growth of the platform as it provides education to the students in a smarter and better way. Online classes are many times underestimated by a lot of people. But these pros and cons you can set and decide your idea about what you want.

Pros and cons of the Lido Online Learning

Let’s have a similar approach towards online learning and physical education and decide the best way to learn.

Pro of Lido Classes Online Learning 

  • Coming to the very first advantage of online learning is that you can study where any time, any place you want. There’s no burden of going to school, arranging banks, and spending your whole day here. You can also save your lot of time with online learning methods.
  • Online learning allows students to learn the topics in depth. Whereas, in physical education, students are forced to understand the concept at the same time. This leads to detachment between the studies and the student’s mental level.
  • Online learning helps in saving a lot of money, which parents can later invest in some other students’ future requirements. Schools and institutes are great at charging for tuition, fees, books, or any other material thing, but at online learning platforms, you choose what you want, and that helps in saving money.
  • Improves the connectivity and the bond between the parents and the students. As when students are eLearning at home, they will need their parents to help them out, resulting in great activities between the parents and the other kids.

Cons of Online Learning

Pondering on the cons is also an essential step in deciding what is best for your child.

  • Maybe online learning can be the best education system for your child’s elementary education. But when it comes to higher education, there is a great need for physical education with the help of which students can hone their motor skills.
  • Lack of social interaction is another disadvantage. As when students are just at home and learning, their social business gets limited. Socializing these days is also essential t. In schools, students get the freedom to make their friends talk to the teacher and many other things.
  • Practical learning is also essential to invent new things. It creates for students where they are forced to think beyond the theory concepts, making them more passionate.
  • People having a great experience of practical learning are given priorities during interviews, which lessens the chances of placement for the students who have online knowledge.


With this list of pros and cons, you are very velar of Lido learning’s glories and pitfalls. And now, according to your requirement and budget, you can choose the education system which is best for your child.

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