Few Tips to Ace NEET Exams

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test- NEET is an all India pre-medical entrance test, mainly for those aspirants interested in pursuing a medical course both in government or private medical institutes.

Becoming a successful doctor is a dream and ambition for both parents and students. Overall, more than 10 lakh students appear for the NEET exam and the total number of candidates is increasing every year. The competition is increasing every year along with the total number of students appearing for the NEET examinations.

Before beginning with the preparations, students should be well thorough with the syllabus, collect all the relevant study material, including the previous year question papers, reference books and other model question papers

Here are a few general preparation tips for NEET 2018.

Tips to Ace NEET Exam

Study Plan

The first and foremost step in exam preparation is to prepare a smart study plan. As there will be hundreds of study materials to be revised in a short period. A student should have a day-to-day timetable of a complete chapter list to be covered along with the defined time limit.

Practice, Practice and Practice

As per the saying “Hard work and Determination is the key to success”. Regular practice is a must during your NEET Preparations. Meet your seniors, toppers, lectures and make a list of all NEET important topics to be revised. Some of the most important topics on exam point of view include – the cell structure, cell division, ecology, evolution, Net Primary Productivity (NPP), mineral nutrition, nuclear physics, thermodynamics, coordination chemistry, general, coordination compounds, the p-block, d-and f-block elements and much more.

Study Materials

Don’t waste your precious time by referring more books as reading many books may lead to unnecessary confusions and may lead to wastage of time. Hence, make a list of all reference books, including NCERT books, sample papers, previous year question papers, lecture notes and other study materials.

Be Thorough with the question paper pattern.

Practice more MCQs and mock test papers to gain an idea of the time limitation as time management is the main skill required for this exam. As per the question paper pattern, students have to answer all 180 questions within 3 hours of the time limit. By practicing more NEET previous year question papers, students can gain an idea about the pattern, topics, and frequently asked questions in the exam.


The last and essential point is to stop wasting your time, stay away from all sorts of distractions and start with your preparations from now to score more than expectations. Always practice more by writing the formulae, equations, scientific names and other important terminologies rather than reading them orally. Practice more experimental questions, equations, diagrammatic questions including the LS of a flower, neat labelled diagram of the human heart, LS of a flower, and other important topics including the fluid connective tissues, circulatory system, Biotechnology, biodiversity, etc. Have a positive attitude towards your preparations and exam.

All the Best.

I hope these tips will be quite useful for the NEET exam. For more exam preparation tips to crack the exams, students can visit our website at BYJU’S.

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