Things to Keep In Consideration While Buying Air Conditioner

The capacity of an AC is measured in terms of tonnes which plays a vital role while choosing an air conditioner for your home. Yes, it does matter, since it defines whether the AC will be able to cool your room or not while efficiently saving energy.Choosing AC requires considering many factors like room size, cooling efficiency, and power consumption.

1 ton and 1.5-ton AC are designed for different room sizes. If your room is large then you will require 1.5 tons of AC that can easily cool the room however it will consume more electricity. But the question at hand is why install a larger AC when you require a smaller one?Choosing the right AC can save energy and money while keeping your room cool.

Things to keep in mind while making a choice

Before deciding on which AC to go for, there are many important things you should keep in mind.

  • Consider the size of the room

The size of the room is an important factor that needs to be considered before you jump into buying an AC. For a large room, you will require a high capacity of AC to get good cooling. Whereas for a small room, you can go for low capacity.

A room with a dimension of 120 square feet is considered a big room, so for that, a 1.5 ton to 2-ton AC will work efficiently.

  • The power consumption

Consumption of power is related to the capacity of AC and its size. A low capacity air conditioner will consume less energy whereas a high one will consume high energy.

  • Star ratings

Every appliance comes with star ratings. It is a measuring system that denotes the efficiency of the appliance. High star ratings indicate that the appliance is energy efficient, therefore, it is always recommended to buy an air conditioner with the highest star rating.An energy-efficient AC will save you money and will keep your environment safe. One star and 5-star AC differ in terms of quality as well as value.

  • Number of members

Take into consideration the number of members in the house. With large members in the house going for 1.5-ton AC is the right choice. The higher the number of members in the house, the higher will be the heat generation and power consumption.

  • Sunshine

If your room gets a lot of sunshine or has windows then 1.5-ton AC will be a wise decision. A room that comes with exposure to the sun gets heated up easily thus it takes time to cool it, hence you require high capacity AC for such a room.

  • Price of the air conditioner

Deciding your budget is important before you head out to shop for the air conditioner.However, you should not settle for the AC just because it’s cheap such air conditioners can lack efficiency in the future. Never settle for a low-price, low-quality appliance instead looks for high quality at the best price you can get.

The bottom line

When should you opt for 1-ton AC?1-ton AC is efficient enough to cool 100-120 square feet, which is categorized as a big room. Hence if you have big rooms, then this capacity of AC will be sufficient. Do consider the sunlight exposure to the room and the number of electrical appliances in the room.Such factors can easily bring your cooling down.

When to go for the 1.5-ton inverter AC ?If your room is more than 120 square feet, then you require high capacity AC to easily and efficiently cool your room.

If you are still stuck on which one to go for, 1 ton or 1.5 ton, then consider all the above-mentioned factors to make the right decision. However, before deciding, keep the size of the room as an important considering factor. You can choose Sanyo full – inverter AC to get the best cooling during summers.

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