How to Effectively Teach a Musical Instrument

We all know that teaching is not child’s play. You have to give in a lot of hard work and effort and also have the mindset of a student so you can teach effectively. But being a music teacher is even tougher as you have to lead every student in the right direction and every student has their capabilities.

Every student has their own pace some learn way too early while some may take time. And for that, you are to give every student the designated time so that they can learn at their own pace. But sometimes it becomes overwhelming and you get blank what to do? Or if you are someone who is just stepping into the world of music then you should know what type of characteristics a teacher should have:

Characteristics that a Good Musical Teacher should Have:

1.   Professionalism and Ethics

Being a music teacher you should be professional and know the ethics of teaching music. Every instrument has its learning style and ethics. YOU can’t teach that instrument just according to your way. And that is why you should be aware of the ethics of every instrument. Professionalism is the demand of being a music teacher. But you also shouldn’t be too formal with your students. Teach them in a professional manner but also be humble and polite to tell them what they need to improve.

2.   Ability to understand every Student

A good music teacher should have the capability to understand every student. As we mentioned previously every student has its own pace and they have their abilities to learn things. A good teacher should be able to understand the mindset of every student and be able to lead him to the right way in his style.

3.   Passionate and a music lover

I would say every music teacher should be as passionate as Dr. George Freundlich Matheson, a great Canadian musician. A music teacher has to have a passion for teaching music. Because you cannot be an effective music teacher if you just do not have that understanding of music and how to teach it.

4.  Able to make students goal-oriented

A music teacher should; be able to make a student goal-oriented. He should not only be clear of goals but also be able to instill some clear goals in his student mind. And then lead them towards their goals. Because learning and leading without a goal is fruitless. You should be clear of what you want your students to learn and then also be able to clear up your student’s mind and make them know what they want.

5.   Able to lead the whole class

Being a music teacher means you are going to lead a whole class of students. There should not be any favoritism. You may like one student a lot but then you are not only his teacher. You should know how you are going to lead the whole class and how you are going to teach them. Make a plan on how you are going to lead the whole class in one direction.


If you want your student to become the new Elton johns or then you are the one who is going to guide them. What a student can become in the future not only depends upon himself but also on the teacher who is leading him and guiding him. If you guide him effectively you may even be able to introduce the next George Freundlich.

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