Rural Rajasthan the Roadless Journey in India

Rural Rajasthan the Roadless Journey in India

Away from the colorful city lights, there exists a beautiful and traditional land in Rural Rajasthan. The life and places in the rural Rajasthan are as pretty and worth seeing as Rajasthan’s city life. It is a perfect display of the ancient royal life with many cultures and traditions and is one perfect fun vacation spot. Apart from the humongous forts, imposing places, and colorful royal markets, there is a lot more to visit and experience. Once you get out of the countryside, the experience is exceptional and gives you homely vibes as you drench in the pool of beautiful cultures and traditions of the rural Rajasthan. You get to meet the royal families, including the rajas and maharajas, who aid the wellness of their surroundings and are highly respected by the locals. If you visit in the summer season, you can roam around comfortably if you take a Cab for Rajasthan road trip. There are many royal yet ancient residencies scattered in the area of Rural Rajasthan, which is worth visiting.

1. Raas Devi Garh

Raas Devi Garhis among the romantic places in Rajasthan, making it ideal for couples to visit. Devi Garh is situated on the outskirts of Udaipur and is a must-visit for people who keep interested in fabulous places and want to visit a lively city. For guest accommodations, there is a transformed fort set with village vibes and a beautiful mountain view. Experience a true village life by interacting with people in the neighborhood. You can also have fun in the pool, which is located at the property for first-rate services.

2. ShahpuraBagh

ShahpuraBagh is a family vacation place if you are planning to visit. If you circumambulate the place, you will find it surrounded by beautiful lakes, which adds to your visit’s peaceful aspect. ShahpuraBagh is situated at the very appropriate spot among Jaipur and Udaipur, making it a lengthy journey. However, there are various Taxi Hire Services in Rajasthan, which can help you travel comfortably. The place is a perfect vacation spot in itself, offering exciting new things each day, including meeting with the royal families and experiencing homely vibes with a chance to see a non-public fort of the royal family. You can have dinner over there, enjoy a glass of wine while listening to the village people passing nearby the fort.

3. MihirGarh

Situated at the outskirts of Jodhpur, this place is a lovely boutique property offering a comfortable yet worth remembering a visit to the visitors. This property provides a first-class service to the visitors and is ideal for people who want to experience peace and relaxation. There are pools and jacuzzis in the rooms, which are only for the customers and are private property. You will experience the unvegetated lands which are blossomed by the beautiful flora and fauna in the region. You can also interact with the nearby villagers via opium ceremonies and a chance to ride royal Marwari horses. A unique thing planned for the guests is the shikar dinner inside the tract with an astonishing view of Rajasthan’s sun setting.

4. Jawai Leopard Camp

Another unique yet high-priced place of Rajasthan is a Jawai Leopard Camp, which is a tented camp for the guests. The camp is between flora and fauna to give a traditional Rajasthani Village experience to the visitors. The place is popularly known for spotting the exclusive leopards in the nearby hills. It is a typical religious place where the spotlight is maintained in the caste system, which you will know more about while interacting with the locals. But most importantly, there are first-class tent settings for visitors with exceptional food and carrier. One can visit this place via bus or can through a Car Hire Company.

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Now you have a glimpse of the rural life and places of dusty, rusty, and full of sand Rajasthan. The beautiful city is scattered to the extent of traditions and culture. You will experience the beauty of tradition and the royalties in Rajasthan’s rural places. You can visit these places if you hire a cab for one day tour or by bus. The places in Rajasthan are worth visiting and give you an insight into how the culture of India is alive in places of Rajasthan.

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