The World Of Bfx Furniture

The credit and capacity for manufacturing some of the best furniture in the world belongs to the vast country cum continent called Australia. And BFX sits near the top of this tree. Its superb state of the art design combines with its top class materials and fine finish to offer a product that is coveted, not just in the home country of the Baggy Green, but anywhere there is a status and quality conscious office establishment. Stylish and yet ergonomically sound, BFX Furniture are in a class of their own.

Early Objectives

BFX has been established in 1980. Its clear aim since the beginning has been to create a lead in the Furniture Market, such that its competitors will have to pant to reach anywhere near the perfection of its Furniture. The Profit Motive is secondary with BFX, the quest to reach and remain at the top, is its most important objective. BFX strides across some of the major areas of business using Best Grade furniture, and happy Buyers include the Government, the Corporate Scection, Healthcare and Education Sectors. Ocial and learning outcomes dominate our viewpoint, and helps us to establish a close relationship with our Customer base. BFX Furniture has, throughout the last Forty Years of constant striving, remained true to the Early Objectives.

The Quality

The attachment to Quality has remained a constant thread throughout the adventures of BFX in the Furniture world. Throughout the process of Manufacture, from Design through to Production, Packaging and Delivery of the Products, BFX remains true to its ideals. BFX is a member of the Australian Furnishings Research Institute (AFRDI) . BFX is also member of Furniture Industry Association of Australia (FIAA QLD, NSW). Nternationally acclaimed for its Quality Control, BFX is certified to ISO 9001-2008 Quality Assurance Standard. This enhances and ensures consistency across the board, through manufacturing, sourcing and delivery.

The Award

BFX has Research and Development as the motto. This has led to mass scale collaboration with distinguished centers of learning and research, industrial development sources, and most particularly, the whole-hearted participation of Users, in drives, questionnaires and prize-winning competitions for ideas, concepts and critiques.

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BFX has received high accolades from the Furniture Industry for continually upping their standards. BFX has been recognized and awarded the Accolade as the Best Designer of the Adjustable Patient Lounge Chair for ergonomic healthcare. In fact, BFX has emerged as the only company that has actually exceeded the standards set.

The Production Values

The workmanship is of such high standards that a BFX manufactured product is immediately identifiable. Added to this distinction of style, design, materials and workmanship, BFX has in-built extensive capabilities that encompass the latest technologies into its classical frame.

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