What Should You Know About Melbourne Bicycles?

Are you new in Melbourne? Here you will get a tip to choose which type of bicycle is suitable for you? Place where you can get your favorite Melbourne bicycle at a cheap rate? Which area is good for bike riding in Melbourne? So, let’s go ahead.

Cycling In Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, Australia. It is known for city topography and mild climate. This city has a culture of riding a bicycle. Bicycle is done for many purposes like recreation, commuting, sport and fitness. Its metropolitan areas have separate roads and lanes for bicycles.

Types Of Bikes

There are many types of bikes designed to meet the diverse needs of users. Experience of riding a bike on an uneven place and a flat surface in Melbourne is not the same. Here you can see different types of bikes and for what purpose they are made.

Mountain Bikes

These bikes are all rounded. They can manage on and off roads. They are sturdily built and can move on small potholes and grates. Because their tires are wider than a normal bicycle and have more traction.

Road Bikes

They are made for plain and smooth surfaces of the city. They have narrower tires. It includes dual categories. One is fixed gear or fixie bikes. Fixies have single speed with no brakes or gears. It is demanded more in urban areas. Fixies are ultra-light and can be maintained easily. Your foot is the only protection to break your bike.

BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are a favorite of kids. They are the alternative of bicycle motocross. They are invented in the 1960s in the USA. BMX bikes have three categories.

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First is the traditional BMX, which is light in weight and has sturdy rear brakes. It is used for dual purposes. One is getting around town and second is it acts as a dirt bike racer. Second type if freestyle BMX, used for stunts and trick, found in Stake parks. It has sturdy, heavier, thicker wheels. The next type is a dirt jumper bike, a mix of the previous two. It has a sturdy frame, tyres with tread. It is used for jump off-ramp.

Triathlon And Time Trial Bikes

These types of bikes have aerodynamic features. These bicycles have a steeper seat tube with an angle of 78 degrees. These features push the rider’s body forward. He can easily use his legs muscles. It was a great speed for roads. But if you want to go uphill, then road bikes are a good option.

Best Places To Ride A Bike In Melbourne

The bay trail, gardeners creek trail, Yaara trail, Hobsons bay coastal trail are some of the regions where you can enjoy bike riding.

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