The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Buying Instagram Followers

As the year’s progress, Instagram’s popularity is only soaring, and to be popular is synonymous with the Instagram following and being Instagram famous. If you are creative and talented enough, you could also start off your microblog on Instagram.

Initially, you could up your follower count by asking around for followers through word of mouth. However, if your content is not interesting enough, they can drop off anytime which is why many people think to buy Instagram followers

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As much as they want to indulge on Instagram, there are bad and good things that are associated with buying Instagram followers. Hence, let us list down the pros as well as cons if you want to buy Instagram followers. 

With more than 500 million users daily, this social media platform is a huge place to market yourself and your talents. Also, if you have a huge number of followers, you could collaborate with brands who will in turn pay for sponsored posts. Therefore, when you want to reach people, having a good number of the following can be of help.

 Thus, when you decide to buy Instagram followers, you can get to see that followers will keep on multiplying. Your page will be in the suggestions lists. This way, random users will come to your profile and then start following you. 

For being in that league of suggestions page, you can buy Instagram followers so that your follower count grows. 

As your following goes, you can be associated with a marketing campaign and you can start expecting conversions. It saves time and effort when you are brand is trusted due to the number of followers you have. 

The reputation of yours is improved in the content creators circle and whatever mass strategies you were thinking of implementing would not be doubted at all. You can have a free flow of whatever marketing tactic you want to use, and the best part is you will have a wider base of audience to test it upon. 

Thus, having a huge follower base is definitely a blessing and you can have this all quickly when you have the opportunity to buy Instagram followers.

Now, what are the downsides of purchasing Instagram followers?

There are a lot of scam programs and fake followers in the online market. When you purchase thousands of followers for dirt cheap, then cheating is bound to happen. You need to understand that the fake followers, which are created, are mainly because the user’s only goal is to be followed back or just run as dormant accounts. However, you may have your initial boom, but slowly you will not see any engagement in your posts. 

As much as you are sure to keep your business running and in the positive, light, fake followers may attract bad publicity, and loss in reputation. Apart from that, you could have nil engagements and conversions after a while which can be a total loss of your efforts and time. They are not ideal if you are looking for some long time value. 

As much as YouTube is active about fake subscribers, Instagram is not very behind regarding the terms and conditions. It has recently updated its T&C, which helps it to identify and remove any kind of fake accounts on the social platform. It is now fully bent on removing any kind of likes, views, or follows that are not real and have been originated by a bot or a third party app. You can be in violation of some rules of Instagram and if they find out that you have some fake followers, they might purge on them too. It may trigger some reaction from the moderators who maintain the guidelines of the app. 

Instagram is all about building yourself and your blog to have genuine engagements and interactions with the people and advocating strictly about real accounts and people. Though many experts suggest a little tweaking here and there, you could always try and manage the followers account manually and organically. If you are confident that you can magnet the same number of real followers that you bought, then you can go ahead and buy Instagram followers


You need to be wary of the fake scams that prevail in the followers selling industry. A lot of them can be promising steal deals but never set your eye upon them. This is because the quality of the followers you get would be credible enough to run your marketing campaigns. 

Never trust a deal, which is too good to be true when you deal with your followers. It can drain you of your reputation and waste your time and efforts. Always be vigilant and look for authenticity if you decide to buy Instagram followers to fasten up your process to being a successful influencer or marketer. 

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