When To Hire A Green Card Attorney

A lawyer is not a requirement when applying for an immigrant visa or green card in the United States or a consular overseas.

 If you have a clearcut case and are qualified for the benefit you are seeking, and have no history of wrongdoings or adverse issues with immigration officials, you may proceed to a visa or permanent residency without an attorney.

Nevertheless, there are multiple occasions where you will require help from a lawyer—or may save you time and hassle by hiring a green card lawyer Los Angeles. So, let’s look at the most likely situations.

Don’t Know Your Possibilities

For instance, you’re a qualified tradesman or an employer seeking a skilled overseas worker, and a prospective worker may meet the criteria for various visas or green card categories. Still, it’s hard to know what’s ideal or quickest.

An immigration lawyer can help both the company and laborer assess which visa category adequately serves the employer’s needs and worker’s credentials.

Related issues may occur in family-based or other visa situations. For example, someone who is engaged may want to get married first, then enter the U.S. on an immigrant visa (with an immediate right to a green card) or get a K-1 fiance visa (which lets them adjust their status after getting married in the US).

An attorney can help you navigate the process faster.

Company Hiring Overseas Contractors

As an industrious business person, your time may not be well invested in perplexing immigration regulation details.

For example, let’s say you’re seeking to support a contractor for a green card requiring completion of the labor certification (PERM) procedure. You’re expected to advertise the position.

The advertising process is complex since only specific categories of ads are satisfactory. Ads must comprise distinct terminology, which is when a green card lawyer becomes necessary.

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